Jazz Ensemble


The Jazz ensemble is an auditioned ensemble for those students who enjoy the art of improvisation! We perform at Jazz competitions in the spring and at all of our school concerts. Jazz I and Jazz II also have the privilege of attending the annual International Jazz Festival on the campus of the University of Reno, Nevada April 26-29!

* Pre-requisite for jazz ensemble concurrent enrollment in 0 period Marching Band/ Orchestra

(For Jazz Audition material click here )

Auditions May- 8, 9, & 10

After school for 9th graders, dunring class for current members.

4-6pm in the YLHS Band Room


Jazz I



Jazz I

Altos: Natalie Suvarnasuddhi, Annie Trinh

Tenors: Harrison Lane, Jessica Gutierrez, & Nathan Sakaria

Bari: Isabelle Montellano

Trumpets: Christian Cordts, Lyke Luke, Andrew Caballero, Antonio Esteban

Trombones:  Carlo Moreno, Nathan Stevens, Alexis Hermmann, Kyndal Prahl


Piano - Kaelyn Bremer, Chris Li

Drums - Brandon Liem

Bass - Jacob Hagan





Jazz II

Altos: Nick Hagan, Katrina Horn

Tenors: Teddy Adams, Ryah Sahyoun

Bari: Benjamin Brady

Trumpets: Jered Baloloy, Sarina Tayui, Evelyn Franco, Jaiden Murphy, Reese Jenican, Eva E-Farrah

Trombones: Jacob Hagan, Carlo Moreno, Nathan Stevens

Piano: Kayla Higgins

Drums: Kyle Saba

Bass: Connor Saba & Eva


Bincins C. Garcia- Director;  Richard Watson-Jazz Studies; John Hallman-Asst. Director

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