Yorba Linda High School Arts



Dear Orchestra Students,

It is my extreme pleasure to lead you during the 2014-15 school for some great music-making! Please note the following rehearsal schedule:

  • Orchestra rehearses M-W-F during “0” period and Mondays from 4:45-5:45pm
  • Sinfonia (auditioned ensemble) rehearses T-Th & Mondays from 6-7:30pm

String Orchestra students are expected to do a minimum of 50 minutes independent practice time and “Sinfonia” Orchestra students (auditioned) are expected to do a minimum of 75 minutes. I prefer the honor system, but if I sense that individual practice is not occurring, I will ask students & parents to record practice sessions until improvement is noted.


Please enter all performance dates in student planners and family calendars. Plan ahead! It is crucial to the success of the orchestra for us to have 100% attendance at each and every performance.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


Mr. Mortensen

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