Grading Policy

YLHS Orchestra Grading / Attendance Policy (2014-15)

Grading in a music performance class is difficult due to the subjective nature of the subject. Prompt attendance and regular practice will enhance the chance for success.

String Orchestra students will receive 255 points weekly attendance points and “Sinfonia” orchestra students (auditioned group) will receive 200 weekly attendance points. Twenty (20) points will be deducted for each tardy. Unexcused absences will result in a point deduction equal to the number of minutes missed for the class period/rehearsal.

Every Monday school is in session, we will have a Monday “P.M.” rehearsal -- unless there is an evening concert (see Performance Calendar). Please avoid scheduling other activities during this time!

Grading Criteria:

Attendance 255 Points weekly (all String Orchestra students) or

200 Points weekly (all “Sinfonia” orchestra students)

Concerts 300 points each

Playing Tests 100 points; at least one per quarter

Final Playing Exam 500 points; one per semester

Written Work 100 points; one per quarter

Group Responsibility

Students are expected to promote and maintain a positive attitude for all involved. Students are to keep school music and instruments in good condition and be present for all rehearsals and concerts. Instrument insurance forms will be provided to each student and this insurance is highly recommended.

Home Practice

Practice is an integral part of learning and growing on an instrument. Students should be able to show mastery of the music provided to them in a reasonable time frame determined by the teacher.


We have read and understand the orchestra grading and attendance policies for 2012-13.

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